30000 entries, one search.


Racedate displays a rolling 18 months worth of UK running, swimming, cycling, triathlon and obstacle events on a map.  Filter them by category and date to find something that you fancy entering.  Share with friends to see if they want to join you or save to a bucket list and receive entry reminders.  The app will even take you to the booking page when you’re ready to commit.


This is a labour of love and work in progress.  We don’t have every race but I have a small team adding them daily; approximately 400 a week.  Success for me will be when this app introduces you to something new that you decide to enter. Please do put those stories in the app feedback – it boosts team morale and makes this not-for-profit exercise worthwhile!


I also want to back the little guy.  If you’re a school, charity, community group or local event organiser, I can give you an account to list your events for free and help put them in front of exactly the right audience – the thousands of lovely, enthusiastic, outdoorsy people nearby.


Thanks for downloading, enjoy the app.


Tim Colebrooke






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